wanted trike of part built one

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wanted trike of part built one

Post by sparky » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:09 am

howdy guys my tenners done and happy to pay. works out at 19 a week. i am looking for a trike really want one finished or started.i could build one my self but getting a bit lazy as time passes. i do have the skill. as i build a VW buggy i the 70s when i was 21 .a lot of work took 3 months had to cut the pan chassis and re weld make wiring harness etc etc .i did all in a lock up garage so i no the score on building one of your babies.i no i can get a new one at 15k [standard] but that will blow my cash and credit card out of the water. so i thing it will have to be second hand or one in a basket
i do keep looking on e bay but haven't see one yet. cheers to all sparky john

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