A Trio of Trikings - 2nd November 2007

Triking WXY 141Friday 2nd November 2007 may not go down in history as a terrible important day that folk around the world will remember with awe but for five of us in three Trikings it was a good day. I shall remember it for some time to come.

Bob and Ann bravely drove from Farnham, whilst Phil took a bewildered route from Ringwood to meet in the village of East Meon in Hampsire. After a quick cup of tea it was down to business, spying on each other cars. Boy do these two guys have fantastic machines, mine being an earlier model, is as it was built but these guys have developed enhancements which are a credit to their ingenuity.

3 Trikings outside the pubBeing blessed with glorious weather we drove without incident to a pub with no name (I say without incident but it was marvelous to see three cars in a row whizzing through the countryside). Honest, it is called a Pub with no name. This pub is in the middle of the Hampshire country side and on this day it was hardly busy with ample room in the car park. All three cars parked together brought about the talking effect. Couples who have known each other for so long they can hardly manage conversation between them, were thrust into dialogue when they saw these three Trikings. Amazingly sane, mentally balanced people could not stop themselves from taking photos. Whilst we had lunch my wife was running a tote on how many people stopped to eyeball these wonderful machines.

3 Trikings outside the pubTime came to say goodbye to Bob and Ann who had set themselves the task of finding a garage with four star. Not easy, not easy at all, still Bob enjoys a challenge. Phil came back for further refreshments before returning to Ringwood.

We all agreed to meet again, anyone care to join us?

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