Triking 30th Anniversary
Presentation Visit to Tony Divey

As Tony was unable to attend the German 30th Anniversary Rally in June last year due to ill health, Paul and Josef the organisers, together with their friends Jurgen and Karl decided to make the 1000 mile round trip to Marlingford to give the Anniversary presentation to Tony and Anita and to give Tony the superb plaque which had been made to celebrate the occasion.

On Friday 14th November they set off in Josefís new Toyota diesel van travelling via the Tunnel. The first night was spent enjoying the hospitality of Paulís family at Hatfield. On Saturday they booked into a motel near Marlingford and then visited Tony and Anita in the afternoon. After tea and coffee Paul gave his presentation that we had all enjoyed so much in June at Heiligenhaus. Tony was deeply moved by this and was delighted to receive the beautifully finished alloy emblem that would have been given to him at the German celebration. All Triking participants had signed their presence for Tony who was also presented with a Triking painting by a well known young German artist. The evening was finished with an excellent meal in a nearby pub with Tony in good spirits making good use of his long term memory.

On the Sunday morning our friends set off on the 500 mile return trip.

Thanks to Josef for sending me these details in his excellent English and I am sure all Triking owners will join me in thanking Paul, Josef and friends for all the effort that was put into making a success of the Triking 30th Anniversary and for travelling over to Marlingford to make the celebration complete for Tony.

Well done all of you!
Phil Whitter

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